Business Law

Our clientele consists of businesses looking for personalized assistance, who call on our firm to guide them in the growth of their business. Whether it be preparing an incorporation, commercial agreements, shareholder agreements or a merger and acquisition transaction, our firm offers services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Agreements and Contracts
The negotiation and preparation of agreements are essential elements in the startup and growth of a business. Increasingly, the globalization of transactions means that they often involve a variety of main and collateral agreements, including those related to product distribution, insurance, financing, guarantees, services, letters of credit and bank guarantees, Incoterms, procurement, leases and equipment rental, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation, as well as product licenses. Our firm will help you to structure each agreement so as to ensure the protection of your interests, while facilitating transactions.
Mergers and Acquisitions
The sale, acquisition or restructuring of a company involves many complex elements that have a direct impact on the success of a SME. Whether it be commercial, legal, financial or fiscal elements, the SME is subject to numerous regulations in various fields during a process of merger and acquisition. With this in mind, our firm advises its clients based on a personalized approach, in collaboration with the various professionals involved in the transaction process.

Endo & Associés represents SMEs operating in all spheres of economic activity: services, dentistry, manufacturing, retail, real estate, food, technology, natural resources and construction.

International trade
International trade is an inescapable fact in the global economic picture. In recent decades, international trade has increased tenfold. SMEs are very active in the field of international trade, but they must be properly advised in order to avoid the specific problems of internationalization of parties and to effectively manage the risks attached thereto. Endo & Associés advises its clients on all aspects of international transactions, such as Incoterms, letters of credit, insurance, letters of guarantee and points of negotiation for the sale of goods with certain countries.

Endo & Associés has the experience in international trade to provide you with appropriate advice.

Real Estate Transactions
Endo & Associés advises its clients in real estate matters. Whether it be to acquire or consolidate multiple parcels of fragmented land for the purposes of a project, negotiate commercial leases, develop land for construction, purchase a single asset or sell a real estate portfolio, Endo & Associés is here to assist you.
Human Rights and Business

International and transnational trade sometimes give rise to violations of human rights and environmental law for which companies and their leaders may be subject to social, criminal and/or civil responsibility. This is particularly true in conflict zones or fragile states, where crimes may be committed under international and national laws and whose actors are often financed directly or indirectly by the exploitation of national resources.

In this context, the role of lawyers and legal advice for companies may be preventive, by identifying the risks involved, and remedial, in the case of proceedings before national or international courts. Lawyers must therefore master the legal sources and the multiple and complex legal problems, with the help of a network of multi-jurisdictional professionals.